Upon reaching Level 45, every player gets an opportunity to advance and learn new skills. After that, he can intensify his profession twice - at Level 60 and 75.


  • Level 45
  • 2 upgrades of previous profession
    • Lvl 25 - 100 000 Carat
    • Lvl 40 - 200 000 Carat
  • 2nd - Class Change Certificate
  • 500 000 Carats

How to get the certificate and advance?

  1. Talk to NPC Ugerst in Peltrok to get the quest 'Need for New Power I'. You'll need to speak to NPC Kilias in Berneo.
    Quest Need For Power 1
  2. Once you speak with Kilias, he will give you new quest - 'Need for New Power II'. You'll have to talk to Ugerst once again.
    Quest Need For Power 2
  3. Ugerst will give you next quest in the chain called 'Proving Worth'. You'll need to go to the dungeon called Gelmenco's Den.
    Quest Proving Worth
    NOTE! In Karos Returns (PlayRedFox), the quest is a bit different and is done not in Gelmenco's Den, but in the desert southeast from Dragon Head Market.
    Karos Returns 2nd Advance
  4. Speak to the Warp NPC in the Dragon Head Market and teleport to the dungeon.
    Gelmenco Teleport
    Once you're in the dungeon, you'll have to find required monsters to slay. Follow the minimap below so you won't get lost.
    Gelmenco Guide 1 Gelmenco Guide 2 Gelmenco Guide 3 Gelmenco Guide 4 Gelmenco Guide 5 Gelmenco Guide 6
    You need to kill Archer, Predator and Marksman Guards and collect required items.
  5. Once you're done, head back to Peltrok and speak with Ugerst. You'll get the final part of the chain - speak with Kilias and hand him over the Document of Approval.
    Quest Proving Worth 2
    2nd Class Item 1 2nd Class Item 2 2nd Class Item 3
  6. Speak to Kilias and get your reward - 2nd Class Change Certificate. Congratulations!
    2nd Class Reward

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