There is a special currency in the world of Karos - carats. The amount of carats you have is shown in the bottom right corner of your inventory.

Currency 1

How to earn carats:

  • Completing quests.
  • Looting from dead monsters.
  • Selling items to NPC and trading with other players.
  • Collecting fee as a castle/mine owner.

How to spend carats:

  • Buying items from NPC and trading with other players.
  • Sending messages via Mailbox.
  • Depositing items in the Storage, expanding Storage.
  • Advancing classes.
  • Crafting.
  • Teleporting via NPC.
  • 'Shouting' in chat. (50 carats for each message)

Unique currency for cash store:

Despite carats, every localization of Karos Online has another currency which can be obtained for real money. Using this currency, you can buy unique items in the cash store.